The Road Less Traveled

As a little girl, I'd always draw fairies and angels with long, squiggly legs. I suppose I would like to call it surreal art but the truth is that I was not gifted with artistic abilities. Regardless, my love for art began early on when I picked up my first poetry book and fell in love with the illustrations in it. I was captivated by the illustration of the grandfather clock while I read "Hickory Dicory Dock."

I began drawing when I was three and I never quit. I drew my way through school where I took art classes and slowly started developing some skills. I moved onto doing Graphic Design and Advertising—I never thought I'd be drawing fashion figures but this changed when I first saw Alexander McQueen's "Horn of Plenty" show and I was inspired to sketch the model in the Black Duck Feather dress with bloody lips.

I am happy to announce that I am now dedicating my time specializing in Fashion Art and it is finally the right time to embrace what I love. I have decided to keep going and working more on my style. I invite you to browse through my artwork and let me know what you think!

Sadhvi Kampani