7 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Small businesses and start ups often overlook printing costs while setting up a budgeting plan. Printing is a substantial business expense and by making a few adjustments to your printing methods, you can print more and spend less.

1. Paper Tricks

Print multiple pages per sheet. This is particularly useful for printing presentations, pdfs, webpages etc. Printing Duplex is a simple and efficient idea—printing on both sides of the page will allow you to print more and cut down on paper use.

2. Font Tricks

Another simple way to save ink is to use a font that requires less of it. Designers often neglect the fact that some fonts require more ink than others. Fonts like Century Gothic, Garamond and Courier use lesser ink while printing. You could also use condensed or smaller font sizes to save paper.

3. Two Is Better Than One

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, having two printers may actually save money. Dedicate a laser printer for black-and-white printing, and use an inkjet printer for quality prints (photos, artwork etc.)

4. Third Party Inks

Buying original ink cartridges can lower your risk of ink leakage, poor print out quality and short-lived cartridges. Having said this, purchasing “ink compatible” cartridges can save you money on supplies. They are manufactured and designed to meet the performance standards of the original manufacturers, but at a fraction of the price.

5. Buy in Bulk

People often consider their printing requirements only when their deadline to an important meeting or presentation is looming. This might mean a desperate run to the printers where you would be spending more than home printing certain projects or making a late night run to your local office supple store to buy ink and paper so you can finish an important presentation. This would also mean spending a lot more money since individual ink cartridges have a high markup as does buying small packages of paper aimed at consumers. Consider bulk buying paper from an office supply store instead of a retailer and purchasing multi pack ink cartridges or subscribing to an ink replacement service.

6. Print More

You could reprint business cards, brochures, labels etc. several times in a year or you could negotiate a price with your local printer by printing it once or twice a year but in bulk. There could be a set up fee charged by some printers—regardless of quantity and if you print more with fewer print runs then there is a chance to save money and make the "economies of scale" work in your favor.

7. Proof Read

This seems obvious but it is often overlooked. Before doing a happy dance and rejoicing over the fact that you have finished your project, it is essential that you proof read your work. Imagine printing a hundred page project and realizing you have made grammatical errors in 50 of those pages. You now have to correct and reprint every page. Not only did you waste your presentation-quality paper, but you threw away ink, too.